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Innovation for Revolution

Creativity is the spirit of this movement, the positive energy along with the necessary difficulties that may bring. Sometimes creativity doesn’t have an outlet to flow out of and that can be frustrating. This movement is about living in the present and expanding human capabilities, challenging the way things are and adapting to the stresses that new concepts bring to life.

Creativity can make you feel flighty, hard to focus but ever inventing. Sometimes creativity isn’t practical, this movement allows you to have an outlet to share and discover concepts that traditionally don’t have a place in culture, while at the same time paving a path for these creative energies to flourish. Creativity can be accidental, it can be found when things don’t go according to plan, sometimes creativity is unorganized, that’s why I want to encourage people to make a leap of faith, move as fast as your mind is racing and figure out the execution of your plan after the creative spark has been ignited. Don’t be afraid to put something out there just because it’s not practical or it’s unfinished, don’t be afraid of what people’s judgements may make of you, let the spirit of the present inspire you to be free of fear.

Your creative ideas can be artistic, philosophical, scientific, entrepreneurial, inventive, or anything you want, this movement is about the freedom of the moment

A little about me I spend my days focused on the basics, well rounded health, responsibilities and working a sales job. During my hours I have more freedom I am pouring into relationships that mean something deep to me and finally creating anything that that is important to me and others.

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