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Cosmic consciousness expansion was the goal of the project “Blind Art” which got its name for being my first project to implement the use of random chance in the selection of video clips and effects.  


I was inspired by Dada and Surrealism, specifically exploring the power of the unconscious mind and that which appears to be random on the surface.  Frederick Nietzsche was also a huge inspiration for me by breaking down the repressive walls of social expectations that confine the free spirited nature of my soul.


Blind Art is my most recent expression of my creative direction and while I see things that I could do better, I am choosing to develop new projects and styles built upon concepts from Blind Art along with my new feelings and ideas.


I strive to encourage myself and others to live unabashedly individualistic, to transcend the current reality and launch humanity into a higher, more glorious dimension of existence.

Revolutionizing Independent Film

“Echo” was one of my first 360 VR projects but I always loved the style of it, it illustrates a realistic expression of what my life as a video editor and philosophical individual was like living in a small town in Pennsylvania.  The twist of finding a painting under a bridge that awoke me from my dream world was intended to display my fondness of dreams and their significance to my perception of reality.

Jacob Doina has been an inspiration to me for a while now, I always love the abstract expressive style that include vibrant color schemes that blur the line between the imagination and reality.  This is a video compilation where I combined Jacob Doina's still works into a single video.

My reel includes projects from 2015-2018 which were my first three years of video production.  Though very undeveloped, I like how raw and bold my style was.  In the past two years I have created many more projects that haven’t made their way into the form of a reel yet but I do intend to create another reel this year that will showcase highlights of my more recent creations.


I’m not a product of pop culture, knowing hit movies, pop music and celebrities are not my strong suit, my creative vision was inspired by others works though.  The most influential figures to my art are Trent Reznor, Anthony Kiedis, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frederick Nietzsche, Carl Jung and Osho.  My favorite movie is Enter the Void, the mind bending cinematography is a true inspiration.  I loved the warping fisheye angles, vibrant color schemes and naturally fluid transitions created by the immersive eye blinking and strobe light combination.  I really love jazz, artists like Miles Davis and Duke Ellington have been specifically inspirational to me lately.  I believe most music, but especially jazz with its calm, eclectic feelings polarized with the blues encompasses the defining contrasts of ups and downs in life.  I also recognize it would be impossible to list every influential contact I’ve had, I believe every moment thousands of micro interactions get rejected or accepted as pieces we will implement into our reality.


I’m at an abstract phase in my creative journey.  There are more thoughts and feelings running through my head than can be expressed in a linear format.  I don’t want to make sense of it anymore I want my psyche to be free to just exist without being bound to the limits of reason.  These three images were generated from scratch.

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C8792EC3-2575-442C-ABDB-FB1DAF6CFDAE 4.j

Abstract expression of my DSLR


Collage style blend from Dirty Dancing, Magic Mike, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, The Beach and Enter the Void.


Pure Randomness


Left pic is a photo from a series I made of "ordinary" scenes that wouldn't typically be considered photogenic.  Right pic is an edit I made when I first started dabbling with abstraction a few years ago.


Also from my "ordinary" series, this is a picture of the side of a movie theater.


Abandoned Warehouse in Reading PA


The image on the right is an abstract edit of the picture of the Bethlehem Hotel which was used as the base image. 

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